Environmental technologies and solutions

centrotherm clean solutions GmbH & Co. KG is an international company from the field of plant construction, which has its headquarters in Blaubeuren. Our experienced staff of professionals is working as a team that designs, manufactures and installs individual technical solutions for more than 30 years based on customer-specific challenges in the field of environmental engineering.

One of our focuses is the development of systems and equipment for the treatment of exhaust gases, that are released in CVD, etch, EPI, implant and drying processes. This includes the use of thermal, wet & dry technologies, as well as filtration, condensation and combinations of the above-mentioned methods. We also offer customized solutions for the treatment of contaminated waste water from wet benches and house scrubbers. Safety, efficiency and low operating costs have a particularly high priority for us.

Our broad product portfolio enables us to provide objective advice and effective solutions, which are precisely tailored to meet the customers' demands and therefore making us the ideal partner and point of contact. Our customers include well-known corporations in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, small start-up companies, as well as renowned research and development centers.