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The centrotherm CT-D Ventline cartridges are used in gas cabinets. The CT-D-VLC absorbs residual gases during a gas bottle exchange when the lines are purged. The cartridges are made of stainless steel and are German TÜV-inspected and approved pressurised vessels. Thus the cartridges can be mounted directly into the gas cabinet upstream from the pressure reducer. The VLCs are designed for the absorption of low quantities of purge gas, also called vent gas. The product line is optimized for demanding applications in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. We guarantee excellent abatement effeciency for a wide range of different gases.

- Safe and irreversible absorption of harmful gases
- TÜV-tested up to a pressure of 286 bar
- Patented design
- Cost-efficient refillings
- Direct installation inside the gas cabinet
- Compact design with long life cycle
- Quality Made in Germany

- Stainless steel mounting hardware

- Purge / Ventgas disposal for gas cabinets

- Semiconductor
- Photovoltaic
- LED-Industry
- Universities and research institutions
- Many more

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Numerous well-known semiconductor manufacturers trust on our environmental technologies.

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We supply leading photovoltaic manufacturers with equipment for gas and water purification.

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We work together with many research institutions and universities around the world and provide them with leading environmental technologies.

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