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The centrotherm CT-D dry bed absorber offers you a safe and efficient disposal of harmful gases which are used in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry, without any special demands on your media supply. Our CT-D dry bed absorber is a passive system that only requires an electrical supply and CDA or nitrogen.The cartridge, which was specifically designed and patented by centrotherm clean solutions, is available in different sizes with various options and filled with granules based on the individual customer's application. For specific applications we use one or more different granules, which absorb the toxic, corrosive and / or inflammable products and by-products. Because of the irreversible chemical reaction with the granules at room temperature, the harmful gases are converted into non-volatile, inorganic solids.To ensure a smooth production, we offer all our customers a sophisticated cartridge exchange and granule disposal service. In detail this means that upon customer’s request a newly filled cartridge is shipped. The customer is than either replacing the cartridge on his own, alternatively the exchange will be carried out by our service team. The pick-up service of the spent cartridge and the disposal of the used up granules is organized by centrotherm, while the customer will receive a proof of waste disposal.

- Low demand on media supply, long granulate lifetime
- Minimal maintenance requirements
- Patented absorber design with cold trap function prevents blockages
- Specifically designed granules for various applications
- Irreversible conversion of hazardous gases
- No waste gas desorption due to chemisorption
- Easy and safe cartridge replacement
- Quality Made in Germany

- Different cartridge sizes available

- R&D applications
- CVD applications (e.g. MOCVD)
- Etch processes
- ALD processes
- Ion implanters

- Universities and research institutions
- Semiconductor
- Photovoltaic
- LED-Industry

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