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The CT-Eco scrubber is an innovative product that works with various bacterial strains and is used in waste gas and water treatment. It is high-performing and cost-effective in continious operation while it also tolerates long downtimes without substances to be degraded. Contrary to the current marketed solutions with suspended or filler adhered active substances, with the patented highly porous solids matrix cleaning is performed directly in the exhaust flow or in the liquid phase. This way, harmful substances are abated optimally with significantly lower operating costs than with alternative solutions.

The eco scrubber is implemented for the treatment of a wide range of organic substances, such as hydrocarbons (VOCs), organic chlorine, AOX, thiol, as well as sulphuric acid and ammoniac. Fungus spores and bad odours are also removed. Furthermore, it can be used for harmful liquid substances in the denitrification / nitrification in wastewater treatment plants or industrial applications for the treatment of toxic fluids in pulp factories and the oil industry. Purification of ground water in order to remove phenols, anilines and PAKs is also a suitable application for the CT-Eco scrubber.

- Higher efficiency of up to 400% compared to scrubbers with active substances suspension
- Compact design
- High bioactivity due to optimised starter culture
- Steady bioprocess with buffer function for short-term peaks
- Little maintenance, also during longer downtimes
- No emission of harmful organisms
- Regulated pH-value
- Quality Made in Germany

- Customised

- Elimination of chemical oxygen demand (COD / CSB)
- Nitrification / Denitrification (Efficiency increases especially in cold climates)
- Groundwater treatment
- Elimination of fungus spores

- Municipal purification systems
- Industrial purification systems
- Food industry
- Paint industry
- Textile industry
- Plastic manufacturing
- Solvent manufacturing
- Petrochemical sector
- Pulp industry
- Soil decontamination

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