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Abgasbehandlungsanlagen für die LED-, Halbleiter- und Photovoltaikindustrie

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Waste gas treatment

As a leading specialist worldwide, we offer all current technologies and custom tailored solutions for exhaust gas treatment as a single provider.

Abgasreinigung Wolken

Wastewater treatment

We offer high-performance water treatment and wastewater treatment systems for your industrial applications.

centrotherm clean solutions

For us, technology leadership primarily means manufacturing quality products and investing in research and development. Therefore, we design, develop, and manufacture all our exhaust gas treatment and wastewater treatment systems in Germany. We adapt our systems flexible to your individual requirements, and guarantee that important performance parameters will be achieved. We advise you individually and are open for all technology options; in this way, you receive the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your industrial facility.

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Centrotherm journal

Combined exhaust gas cleaning

A combination of different exhaust gas purification processes

Industrial exhaust gas purification is a vast area. There are many different technologies and facilities for the effective treatment of pollutant…

CT-Eco lab reactor

Biological break-down of harmful substances in waste gas and waste water

Bacteria on activated carbon-doped PU carrier break down harmful substances from waste gas and waste water
Now available: Dry-bed-absorber, emergency absorber, burner-washer

Refurbished second hand Equipment

Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to new equipment?

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Our heart beats for a clean environment - and for the technologies to protect it. Every day, our multinational team works to overcome new challenges in the field of environmental technology, and specifically in the gas and water treatment industry. Become a part of centrotherm clean solutions and get to know the world!
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