We as centrotherm clean solutions are a technology leading global provider of technologies for waste gas treatment. Often, according to the application, several options are available for the treatment of harmful gases. With our long-standing expertise in burning, scrubbing and absorbing of waste gases we can advise you competently on the selection of the technology. We gladly assist you with the choice of the most efficient and economical solution.

Beside waste gas cleaning, we also offer several new technologies for the purification of contaminant wastewaters. One of our priorities is a biological wastewater treatment system. A highly cost-saving purification procedure for industrial and municipal wastewaters. We look forward to assisting you with the development of the best solution for your specific requirements.

Individual requirements often require customised solutions. Therefore, your infrastructure and process requirements are important for us in our assessment and planning. You are the expert in your core process. We take care of your safe and environmental friendly plant operation.

Our products are implemented in a wide range of applications:

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