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We offer you customised solutions for waste gas and wastewater treatment in your industry. We are active in many industrial sectors, such as:

Semiconductors are elements and compounds that can be categorised between electric conductors and electric insulators. The introduction of impurities ("doping") allows local modifications of the electrical properties in the semiconductor. Semiconductors are mainly used in electronics, such as in integrated circuits and power devices as well as in the photovoltaic, optical and optical-electronic industry. The semiconductor industry uses various highly toxic, corrosive, flammable, self-igniting and environmentally hazardous waste gases and fluids, which must be cleaned after their use or emission. This is performed directly after a production step (point-of-use) or through a centralised waste gas or wastewater treatment. Some of the materials implemented are scarce raw materials or relatively expensive chemicals, for which recycling should be considered for economic reasons.

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A photovoltaic system employs the energy radiated by the sun in order to generate electrical power through solar cells. The most widely used technology employs solar cells based on silicon. Also other materials have been developed, such as organic solar cells, dye solar cells, III/V solar cells with semiconductor materials from group III and V, such as gallium-arsenide, etc.

Currently, photovoltaics is an important means for saving fossil  fuels and the generation of energy with minimum CO2 emission. At the end of 2014, photovoltaics accounted for 0.9% of the energy consumed worldwide and for 5.7 % of the gross power generation in Germany. 2.5 million people were employed directly and indirectly in this branch.

The photovoltaic industry produces dust in the sawing and polishing processes as well as fluid and gaseous waste in the production process. They are in part highly toxic and corrosive, flammable, auto-igniting and hazardous for the environment, and their recycling or abatement is required during production. This can be done directly after a process step (point-of-use) or in a central treatment unit.

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Universities and Research institutions explore innovative topics on special applications in many different aspects. New methods and the handling of state-of-the-art and special materials require comprehensive approaches, also with regards to health, environmental protection, waste gas and water purification.

In line with sustainability and cost-savings, with the aid of our cleaning systems and sensible recycling of input materials, we support Universities, Colleges and Research Institutions to comply with the legally regulated emission threshold values. We focus on the protection of employees and the environment, keeping in mind that a user-friendly and reliable cleaning technology is our key policy.

With our expertise in chemistry, chemical engineering and process technology we guarantee a smoothless handling of research works, while maximizing the efficiency of the present material flows. Our strength lies in customised solutions. Please contact us.

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The biotechnology uses enzymes, cells and micro-organism for technical purposes. We can distinguish between medicine (red biotechnology), crops and farming (green biotechnology) and industry (white biotechnology). This is where wastewaters with partially high loads of biologic and chemical oxygen (BSB and CSB), are produced, and which, according to the specific site, must be eliminated before they are introduced into the sewage system.

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The food industry produces several waste gases and wastewaters which can not always discharged directly into the environment. In many production processes, wastewaters containing high biologic oxygen levels (BSB) are present, which can be easily abated in purification installations. If other contamination loads are generated where the degradation is more difficult, the treatment of wastewater may be required.

Storage and Transport
In the food industry a great variety of products are transported and stored. Dusts and gases are emitted which may have an impact on the environment and health. Some foodstuff is fumigated to prevent mould formation or for protection against pests. Fumigation may also pose a risk for the health and is even hazardous and toxic for the environment. With our expertise in chemistry, chemical engineering and process technology we assist our customers, offering them solutions for the safe and easy handling of products in this industry.

Waters may contain several substances that can affect the environment. In this context, due to their animal density aquacultures are particularly affected, while substances move freely in the water and may naturally reach the food chain.

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Industrial processes employ a great variety of substances. Some are toxic and hazardous for the environment and must be removed from the wastewaster at the end of the production process. If this does not occur, the pollutants may enter into the soil and contaminate the water. Through the water cycle, pollutants finally accumulate in the food chain and the exposition of humans and animals to such substances constitutes a risk for their health. These are arsenic and all sorts of hydrocarbons, to mention a few. In a company, wastewater streams may merge, but they cannot be diluted in order to observe the threshold values that are defined for the pollutants. For a healthy environment, wastewater should be treated in the most comprehensive way as possible.

Industrial processes also generate waste gas flows of different compositions. For example, hydrocarbons (VOCs) or perfluorinated and polyfluorinated organic compounds (PFCs) as well as other chemical substances in paint, plastic and solvent manufacturing. Since these toxic substances of very high mobility remain stable during a long period, they constitute high contaminants for the water and should be eliminated.

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Generally, the water supply for industrial applications or drinking water systems is subject to strict quality inspections. Drinking water contains a great number of substances which are tested regularly on their compliance with strict threshold values. By the consumption of water, traces of pollutants can accumulate in living creatures over longer periods of time and their concentration in the body may trigger diseases. German ranks top with regards to the inspections and testing of its drinking water. Here, before the water reaches the consumer, the water is purified and filtered according to each region and extraction process. It is also calculated how long the water remains in the water lines until it reaches the consumer, and a specific term may not be exceeded.

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Do you work in a branch and / or with substances which have not been mentioned here? Due to the enormous possibilities of the chemical industry, this is quite well possible, so some innovative applications may be and also remain special applications. With our know-how gained over many years, together we will find a customised solutions for the requirements in your branch.

The separation and treatment of harmful substances is performed on the basis of our proven technologies, so you can stay focused on your process. This allows you to work consciously in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

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