About us

We focus on high-tech solutions for best customer satisfaction, state-of-the-art products with maximum efficiency and minimal operating costs. Our environmental technology is aimed at the preservation of our beautiful and rich nature.

We offer:

  • More than 25 years of experience and expertise

  • Reliable and competent advice

  • Customised solutions

  • Long-term stability

  • Quality Made in Germany


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As a medium-sized company we are liable for our environment, in order to ensure its sustainable use and the compliance of our employees. We wish that our customers do the same and therefore, we help our customers to protect the environment by the treatment of exhaust gas and wastewaters. With the aid of our mechanical and electrical systems of own manufacture, we offer you professional advice, planning, engineering and retrofitting of your installations, so that you can focus on your core business. We are proud of our good reputation in the field of innovative product design and state-of-the-art developments. Also in the next future, we shall be happy to offer you excellent services worldwide.

Our competence in the field of chemistry and process engineering is particularly oriented at the treatment of exhaust gas and wastewater as well as the gas recycling industry.  Globally, our services are trusted by numerous leading companies in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry.
We develop tailored process engineering solutions and consider ourselves the main contractor for facility planning and assessment. We guide and support your projects. Our services range from process-technical design and dimensioning, including risk assessment, mounting and commissioning up to the maintenance and upkeep of your installations. We are available during 24 hours a day. We perform test operations and measurements, such as density tests, pressure tests and gas measurements, while our after-sales-service assists you where needed. We offer trainings, maintenance, troubleshooting and logistics for the recycling of waste granulate from dry bed absorbers.
Based on our in-depth knowledge of construction and manufacturing processes we can offer you customised solutions. We prepare concept drafts and detailed engineering, drawings, design and layout of facilities, also in 3D, and we take care of spare and wear parts and item lists. At our production site, we have our own mechanical production and manufacturing processes for stainless steel welding and final assembly, as well as electrical construction procedures with HMI core implementations. Our installations are optimized by a technical centre available for the simulation of production-oriented conditions, just as at the customer's. Our international network of cooperating partners and suppliers is available for all further tasks.

Getting ahead through quality and innovation
We primarily understand technology leadership as the production of quality products and investment in research and development. We endeavor to continually improve our quality and are constantly developing and refining production processes and systems. Our customers benefit directly from this dynamic ongoing development – also in terms of our services and service portfolio. And we in turn are continuously extending our lead in innovation.

Meeting standards – provide safety
We provide high safety standards for the operators of our systems. Regulated processes in development, construction, manufacturing and service ensure optimal product and process safety. We see compliance with legal requirements as a matter of course.

Customer-focused - flexibility and service
We find solutions to meet individual customer requirements and always aim to achieve optimal implementation. We flexibly customize systems to customer requirements, guarantee key performance parameters and meet agreed deadlines. This is a key cost factor in large and small-scale projects, and offers our customers financial security and decisive competitive advantages. Customer satisfaction is the most important benchmark for us.

Making ourselves available – across the globe
We are constantly extending our international presence. Our staff abroad commission production systems and provide services. This translates as better availability and shorter response times for our customers.

Quality – a management task
Establishing and meeting quality targets is a key management task. Our management has introduced a quality management system which guarantees high quality standards for products, processes and services. Vocational training, clear structures and processes help to ensure that our staff adopts a quality-oriented approach.

Social and ecological conscientiousness
In addition to fundamental understanding for all our business activities, we as a company as well as each individual employee always act in compliance with the laws, guidelines and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We are also committed to follow the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, which addresses all aspects of corporate responsibility including labor, health and safety, environmental, ethics, and management system and ensures safe working conditions, respectful and dignified treatment of workers and environmentally sound business practices.

We are a mixed team and together we are strong. Our 80 employees encompass eight languages and a variety of professional careers. From young professionals to seniors we cover the whole repertoire and we appreciate their honest and respectful dealings with each other.
Our drive is the prospect to jointly develop high-tech products, to optimise and market them and to assist our international customers with their processes. Our main offices in the Schwäbische Alb hill are situated in a beautiful landscape of high recreational value; this is right in front of us every day. Our wish is to ensure a future where we can enjoy our environment, breathe clean air and drink clean water. Therefore, our claim and motivation shall always consist in thinking one step ahead. Our team realises this in close consultation with our customers. Satisfied customers confirm us that we are on the right track.

For more than 25 years, we have been a provider of high-tech gas and wastewater treatment system, as a reliable partner for our customers. Established within the centrotherm group, we have become a modern, family owned company and supplier of environment technology for over 10 years.

1948    Foundation of the K.C. Hartung Apparatebau
1976    Change of name to centrotherm GmbH
1990    Foundation of the centrotherm clean solutions technology centre with gas treatment as core competency
2004    Spin-off and registration of centrotherm clean solutions as an independent company
2010    Registration of own US subsidiary
2017    Registration of own China subsidiary