High DRE with our Thermal Oxidizer

Our Thermal Oxidizer, launched in 2015, has cut off exhaust emissions with very high destruction and removal efficiencies.

With our CT-TW Thermal Oxidizer, our customers in the photovoltaic industry have achieved highly efficient destruction & removal efficencies on a PECVD process. The electrically heated system which we launched successfully in 2015, stands out by its low consumption and installation costs. The system has been designed on the platform of our proven burner-washer and requires no burning and oxidation gas supply. For effective gas treatment, the temperature is increased by the electrical heater to a maximum of 900 °C. Subsequently, the combustion products are wet-scrubbed ensuring a reliable gas cleaning for different processes and applications.

Based on FTIR measurements that a third party has performed upon customer request, silane gas (SiH4) and ammonia (NH3) efficiency rates (DRE) higher than 99.9% were achieved in during production. This allows our customers to comply with all government standards for a clean atmosphere.  We would be happy to assist you for an in-depth analysis.  For detailed information, please see our CT-TW system.