PFC-Gas treatment

We treat efficiently climate changing PFC gases with our thermal waste gas abatement systems.

Climate changing gases such as SF6, CF4 or NF3 are employed in many manufacturing processes. These gases are used to clean the chambers in semiconductor and photovoltaic processes.  Often, insulating gas is used for the protection of sensitive electronics. Once emitted in the nature, these gases are non-degradable and remain in the atmosphere for a very long period. PFCs are non-toxic but long-time stable chemical compounds with a very high greenhouse gas potential. For example, CF4 has a life cycle of approx. 50,000 years in the atmosphere and a 6,500-fold higher greenhouse-relevant potential than CO2. These gases are degraded effectively in our thermal treatment gas systems, contributing significantly to the protection of our environment. We are one step ahead in our efforts to find solutions for the elimination of PFC gases in future energy-saving systems. For example, catalysts can be employed for the reduction of the required response temperature. We are currently working on this technology.