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Passion for Innovative

We place high value on perfection because we are convinced that a cleaner environment adds value to people´s lives. Our drive is the preservation of our marvellous nature and our quality of live. Therefore we develop, manufacture and install waste gas and wastewater treatment systems worldwide. However, we are never satisfied with status quo and are always eager to work out new solutions for tomorrow. Our in-house research, development and production allows us the freedom to continiously improve our performance and achieve optimal results.

Innovation in the past - manually operated weir - and today installations on a centrotherm control cabinet

Project Future

Innovative edge and technology leadership - that is what we focus on. For this purpose, we invest in the continious training of our employees and the further development of our advanced systems. Our experienced employees constitute a professional team offering customised high-tech solutions in the field of environmental technology.

Our customers are of essence

We provide high-tech and customised solutions jointly with state-of-the-art products at minimal operation costs. Our comprehensive projects focus on the requirements and needs of our customers. We would be happy to advise you and work together towards an optimal solution that best fits your needs.

Experts with expertise

Our multinational team has in-depth specialist knowledge in many areas. We are a team of process engineers, chemists, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software engineers and precision engineering technicans work commonly on an optimal solution for your project.


Our reliable system technology is trusted by leading companies and research institutions worldwide. Wheather it be semiconductors or photovoltaic companies, gas manufacturers, car suppliers or companies in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries - our customers feel at home in a wide variety of sectors.


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