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The CT-PF particle filter is specifically designed for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry in order to separate even the smallest particles from the exhaust gas flow. One typical application is the particle separation of SiO2 dust which is created during thermal treatment on CVD processes with very high silane flows.

The dust-containing exhaust air is directed across the filter elements. The particles are deposited on the filter surface and cleaned off during regular operation by compressed air pulses. The filter elements are divided into several groups which are individually cleaned as part of a fully automated procedure. Thus, during the cleaning process, the surge pressure is kept to a minimum, allowing a constant throughput of air. An integrated electronic frequency converter-controlled fan compensates for oscillations in the differential pressures of the filter elements.

The manual disposal of the collected dust can be performed during operation of the system. The collecting container can be decoupled from the filter by means of a flange and closed with a cover.

- Deposition rate of dust particles > 99.95 %
- Automatic cleaning of filter elements during operation
- Safe disposal of dust even during operation of the equipment
- Compliance with the legal emission threshold value for fine dust of 20 mg / Nm³
- Integrated radial fan with frequency-controlled direct drive
- Quality Made in Germany

- Weighing cells

- Particle-gernerating processes
- Can be combined with our thermal waste gas treatment systems CT-BW, CT-PW and CT-TW

- Photovoltaic
- Semiconductor
- LED-Industry
- Universities and research institutions

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