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Our CT-PW series compromises decentralized plasma-washer systems for treating exhaust gases from CVD and etching processes, typically used in the semiconductor or photovoltaic industries.

Process gases - specifically climate-damaging PFCs - as well as particulates are efficiently abated and reliably disposed. The plasma source of our CT-PW is electrically operated. In contrast to our burner-washer system, no supply of fuel gas is needed. The separate functional units such as the plasma source, combustion chamber, wet scrubber, waste gas inlets, and the cooling system are easily adapted to any application. An individualized system configuration is the key to long maintenance intervals and maximum service life.

- Very efficient gas abatement system, particularly for PFCs
- Controls programmed to kepp cost of ownership low
- No fuel gas supply required
- Long maintenance intervals and high uptime
- Comprehensive safety features intergated as standard
- Quality Made in Germany

- Broad spectrum of process-specific equipment features
- Customized back-up configurations possible

- CVD processes
- Etch processes

- Semiconductor
- Photovoltaic
- LED-Industry
- Universities and research institutions

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References Semiconductor

Numerous well-known semiconductor manufacturers trust on our environmental technologies.

References Photovoltaic

We supply worldwide leading photovoltaic manufacturers with equipment for gas and water purification.

References Research Institutions

We work together with many research institutions and universities around the world and provide them with leading environmental technologies.

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