Waste gas treatment

As a technology leading specialist in this field, we offer one-stop shopping for all the state-of-the-art industrial exhaust gas treatment methods: incineration, scrubbing and the absorption of toxic gases. Our consulting services are individualized and open for all technology options, in order to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your specific requirement.

Thermal gas treatment

In thermal exhaust gas treatment, the gases are broken at very high temperatures and subsequently scrubbed in a wet stage.

Wet gas treatment

Wet chemical waste gas treatment consists in the scrubbing of water soluble harmful gases in the exhaust air and their transfer to the liquid phase.

Customised plant-construction

We plan, construct and manufacture individual gas abatement systems according to your wishes and requirements. And we support you in every project phase: from planning to construction to the optimal implementation of the system in your production process.
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Gas treatment solutions for individual requirements

Our many years of experise in burning, washing and absorbing of harmful gases enables us to provide you with competent advice when choosing the righ exhaust gas treatment system for your specific needs. Together with you we develop the most economical solution for your application.

Overview of industries in which we operate

- Semiconductor
- Photovoltaics
- Universities / Research Facilities
- Pharma and Medical Technology
- Biotechnology
- Food Industry
- Chemical Industry
- Water Supply
- Special Gases
- Special Applications

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Overview of different applications

- Semiconductor
- Photovoltaics
- LED-Processes
- FPD-Processes
- Gas cabinets and ventgases
- Solvent containing processes (VOCs)
- Dyeing processes
- Sterilization
- Niche markets and special processes
- Innovative processes and special applications

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The following overview shows examples of which technologies are generally used for which gases. Decisive for the selection of a suitable technology is usually your application and facilities. We advise you in detail.

Planning & Consulting



Individual requirements and processes require individual solutions. That is why we also include your existing infrastructure in our consulting and planning. From the overall view, we determine the most efficient abatement solution for your application.

Consulting & Contact




Permanent availability, short response times and fast spare part deliveries are self-evident to us. This is ensured by a global network with comprehensive services.

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