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The CT-W wet scrubber is our proven solution for the treatment of waste gases emitted in different CVD and etching and EPI applications. One advantage over common wet scrubbers is a special CT-W feature that reduces up to 99% of the dust particles in the waste gas flow. The absorbed dust particles are automatically discharged with the waste water.

The CT-W wet scrubber is designed to treat HCl, HF, SiH2Cl2, SiCl4 and NH3, as well as other acidic and alkaline gaseous emissions efficiently, while keeping the CoO low. Depending on the species that needs to be treated, the CT-W is operated either with an alkaline or acidic neutralizing agent. The packed media washing tower is equipped with high performance counter flow spray nozzles that provide significant reliability for applications with high waste gas flow rates.

Other great advantages are the unique N2 venturi and the heated inlets, that ensure low maintenance requirements and a low cost of ownership, especially for gases like WF6, BCl3, AlCl3 or NH4Cl, that tend to block the inlets over time. All of these advantages safely prevent the accumulation of solid rection products and thus lead to considerable savings in maintenance and CoO.

- Destruction & Removal Efficiency (DRE) of up to 99.99%
- Very effective dust separation
- Low operating costs due to minimum fresh water consumption
- Available operating time > 99% as well as easy and quick maintenance
- Quality Made in Germany

- Operation both with acid or alkaline neutralization
- ATEX proven design for EPI applications
- Customised back-up configurations

- CVD processes
- Etch processes
- EPI processes

- Semiconductor
- LED-Industrie
- Photovoltaic
- Universities and research institutions

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