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Industrial processes often originate residual fluids or waste water. Due to legal regulations some substances must be eliminated from the wastewater. This may occur when the plant is not connected to a purification system or substances are not efficiently removed by the purification plant, so that effective cleaning must be taken care of by the industrial plant itself. In our granulate-filled absorber systems various substances are removed from the liquid phase in a cost-effective manner. The harmful substances are bound to the granulate by an irreversible chemical reaction in ambient temperature.

The CT-As has been developed specifically for the absorption of arsenic III and V from the fluid phase. Upon request, we also supply granulate for the filtration of other wastewater substances.

- Safe purification below the legal threshold value for the discharge of wastewater
- Low demand on media supply and minor service requirements
- Granulate is customised to your harmful substances
- Irreversible conversion of harmful substances into inorganic solids
- No concatminated waste water after cleaning
- Quality Made in Germany

- Customised

- Arsenic-containing wastewater from industrial plants
- Groundwater purification
- Drinking water purification

- Semiconductor
- LED-Industry
- Soil decontamination
- Wasser purification
- Universities and research institutions

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