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The CT-WWT is a system for the neutralisation of chemically contaminated wastewater from industries, research institutions or universities. Approval authorities generally require the neutralisation of acidic and basic sewage water before discharged in the public sewage. Sewage water which is not neutralised is harmful for micro-organisms and impedes the biochemical elimination of contaminants. Our fully automated system offers a regulated and controlled dosing of acids and lyes so that wastewater is neutralised smoothlessly. The controlled system sets the required pH rate for the neutralisation (normally in the range of pH 6.5 to 9). The CT-WWT offers you a safe and efficient procedure for your wastewater treatment.

- Plant size adapted to your wastewater flow
- Fully automated dosing of the neutralization medium
- Individual system configuration

- Individual, according to your requirements

- Wastewater neutralization

- Various industries
- Research institutions and universities

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