Consulting & Contact

We are available for you. Of course, we would be happy to get to know you and your company. Do you have a question? Your contact partner at centrotherm clean solutions look forward to hearing from you.

General product consultancy

We provide you with detailed information on all gas abatement and watertreatment systems. We help you to determine the important parameters and criteria for the selection of your product.

Thomas Kraus
Sales Europe

+49 7344 92494-114
+49 7344 92494-199

Gerry Catalano
Sales USA

+ 1 831 601 3000

Sonja Wu
Sales Asia

+49 7344 92494-117
+49 7344 92494-199

Technical assistance

We are pleased to advise you on specific questions with regards to process and chemical engineering or product selection. Especially if you have a challenging issue where you are looking for an effective solution for waste gas or wastewater treatment.

Dr. Dani Muse

+49 7344 92494-120
+49 7344 92494-199

Dr.-Ing. Lisbeth Rochlitz
New Technologies

+49 7344 92494-124
+49 7344 92494-199

Service & Aftersales

We are available for you, whenever you need a service or parts or when you have questions about your centrotherm clean solutions systems.

Maik Klupak

+49 351 8925 680
+49 351 8925-624

Kay Hoffmann
After Sales

+49 351 8925 682
+49 351 8925-624

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Hook-up and installation
  • Parts management
  • Modifications
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty service
  • System checks
  • Analysis of operating costs
  • FTIR measurements
  • Trainings
  • Refilling dry bed absorber

Business partners

In close cooperation, our on-site business partners propose the appropriate products, they assist you with the selection and also perform maintenance and service works.

You can find your local business partner here.