We maintain a global service network for our customers and provide a wide array of services, because customer proximity ranks high in our company. Short links, continious availability, short response times and quick supply of spare parts are of essence to us.

For more information please call our Service-Hotline +49 351 8925 620 or use our contact form.


We offer you the following services:

Regular maintenance guarantees a long service-life for your installations. We provide individual maintenance contracts, including on-call service as well as 24/7 service. High customer satisfaction and a sustainable customer relationship are a priority for us. Our service team offers you comprehensive services by engineers of long-standing experience.

In addition to plant construction, we also provide encompassing solutions for the installation and connection of our systems. This includes the planning and dimensioning of the waste gas and ventilation pipework, as well as the connections to the media supply of our waste gas abatement installations.

You can order your spare and wear parts by consulting the parts list and desctription with ID-numbers in the Operating Manual. If required, please complete our Order form. For a customised list of spare and wear parts, please contact our Serviceteam.

According to your process requirements, we adapt our customer´s abatement systems to their new requirements. We offer the following standard retrofit kits:

- Dust-reduction kit for CT-BW
- Inlet heating and N2 heater
- Exhaust fan kits
- Filter purge system
- System customisation to changed process gas flows
- Customised solutions

For system start up we provide commissioning of your abatement including final signaltest to the connected manufacturing tool or plant. We check all installed facilities for a proper and safe function of your abatement. Furthermore, we provide a training for the safe and correct use of your abatement system.

During the determined warranty period, we provide all needed spare parts (no consumer parts) free of charge.

As equipment supplier, we want to make sure that your abatement always runs safely and stably. Therfore, and to guarantee a high uptime, we provide periodical system checks and maintenance on a half yearly or yearly basis. The service contains a full system check for proper functioning, including sensor tests (check of all parameter settings, trigger values and alarm limits). After completion of the full system check, we hand over the official protocol (CT Sensor Test Protocol) for the customer's  record.

For optimal operating costs, we perform a cost analysis for you. You will receive instructions on the optimisation of your process proceedings and how to save on media use. We further provide insight into updated and optimised technologies for the retrofitting and / or expansion of your installations.

You are a player in the semiconductor industry? Then we know the environment you are working in and the restraints of time, standards and uptime of your equipment. Therefore, we are an ideal partner to carry out your required measurements. Just to prove how well you perform.

You work in an industrial branch other than semiconductor and would like to find out more about the performance of your equipment, the species and concentrations in your gas flows anywhere in your process? Then we are the ideal partner to get in touch with. Gases are our main focus and helping you optimize your processes to reach optimal economic and ecological performance is our designated goal.

Your benefits

- We measure your dry or moist gases at your site.
- A wide variety of hydrocarbons, organic compounds and inorganic compounds can be analyzed with the FTIR analyzer data

- Concentrations are in ppm range, as is the lower detection level.
- Adjustments to the data base, results calculation and calibration (if needed) can be done offline, independent of the actual

- We use the FTIR-analyzer to optimize our own equipment and support our own R&D work. We would be happy to provide
 this service to you as well.

About FTIR

- Each molecule absorbs infrared (IR) radiation at its characteristic frequencies, the “fingerprint”. Exception: diatomic elements
 such as H2, O2 and noble gases do not absorb in the IR.

- The infrared spectrum is a plot of infrared radiation related quantities as a function of wavelength or wavenumber.
- Absorption strength, i.e. peak height in the plot, is directly proportional to concentration (Beer’s law).
- A Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer measures all the IR wavelengths simultaneously. Thus, all components can be
 analyzed from one single measurement.

For the transfer of basic and detailed knowledge for the operation of all types of centrotherm systems, we provide special trainings at our CT training center in Blaubeuren or at customers' sites. After successfully attending, customers will be officially certified by us as supplier to work with the abatement systems.

For dry bed absorbers we offer you a global and simple concept for the refilling and disposal of spent granulate:

Our dry bed absorber modules are patented UN-authorised transport containers. Centrotherm clean solutions customers can benefit of a comprehensive service package which includes the disposal service for spent absorption materials. The handling of dangerous process side products is thus no longer performed by plant technicans and engineers and relieves you of a considerable logistics burden.

Submit your dry bed absorber refill requirements and we will arrange for the exchange with a new cartridge. Please contact us.

Service & Maintenance by our engineers